Barstool Pizza Review – TombStone Frozen Pizza: Dave reviews one of the most recommended frozen pizzas to date, TombStone Pizza.

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Barstool Pizza Review - TombStone Frozen Pizza

Author by: One Bite Pizza Reviews



  1. These would all be 6.7's if you cooked them using a Pizza Pizzazz, crisp the top and bottom equally 🔥🔥🔥.

  2. Hey @tombstonepizza make a regular cheese pizza with just mozz, you do just mozz on the supreme. Do it on a plain pizza

  3. 2 unskipable ads. Everyone knows those two seconds of the Tombstone Movie claimed it cause they’re scumbags

  4. TombStone will send you to the grave , "Now your no Daisy" poor soul :>) that pizza looked like puke toppings. Toppings of puke that someone had eaten spaghetti and puked it onto the pie froze it, packaged it and Dave cooked it up and was eating it:>0h shit.

  5. All of my friends are telling me to request that you try Against the Grain Pizza. It's a frozen gluten free pizza, and they say it's better than regular frozen pizza

  6. You gotta try home run inn frozen pizza. Idk how popular it is outside of Chicago but it's great for frozen pizza, best one I've had

  7. IDK if you'll read this but.. Judging by that color, you need a pizza stone, and preheat the pizza stone for an hour for optimal crisp. Or at least 30 minutes.


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