Barstool Pizza Review – Screamin' Sicilian Frozen Pizza: Screamin’ Sicilian, a highly recommended frozen pizza, surprises Dave who is still living in Quarantine.

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Barstool Pizza Review - Screamin' Sicilian Frozen Pizza

Author by: One Bite Pizza Reviews



  1. Gotta try a Lotzza Motzza (MN) next Dave, another Midwestern pie (screaming Sicilian is from Milwaukee). Come on, you know the rules.

  2. Would recommend using an in-oven thermometer for your oven in case the temp setting/thermostat is not accurate (yours might run hot since the pizzas look overcooked – common issue in general for home ovens).

  3. He still hasn't tried Celeste Pizza and he brags about loving bar pizza? Amazing he hasnt tried Celeste Pizza the best of the best frozen pizza.

  4. 3 days in a row I’m 1 point off from his score. I’m on a heater rn. Too bad there’s no sports to bet on

  5. You're just getting hungry for good flavor . I left NY 12 yrs ago and find some real shit pizzas tasty. Its amazing how fast a pallet can adjust.


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