Barstool Pizza Review – Ellio's Frozen Pizza: Dave did a live pizza review in his apartment during quarantine and reviewed Ellio’s Frozen Pizza

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Barstool Pizza Review - Ellio's Frozen Pizza

Author by: One Bite Pizza Reviews



  1. Staten Island here. Grew up with Ellio's cause poor. Was the best of the bunch until Mama Celeste; but they used to brag about not skimping on the ingredients but they did over time. Ellio's is still cheap high fructose corn syrup trash, but taste wise it's always been the best of the bunch of frozen cheap pizza. I love that you're doing these. Keep going. Nominating Mama Celeste for review if it still exists.

  2. If you can find it, try Jeno's. They're cheap, small little pizzas (I eat 3 at a time), but the crust has a good crisp (if cooked right) which makes it. It's also a bit different than those typical dollar cardboard box pizzas.

    Unfortunately, I haven't seen them anywhere for a few months.

  3. Instead of bitching about frozen pizza try making your own from scratch. There are literally thousands of videos on You Tube that show you how.

  4. "people say I'm a hero for that. I'm not a hero I'm just livin' and eatin' pizza"

    but Dave, that's what hero's do

  5. Try Trader Joe's Bambino Frozen Pizza. It's a smaller, circle pepperoni pizza that comes in a package of four.

  6. The frozen pizza of my youth. All 70's kids know it. There wasn't as much choice then and it never had enough cheese for me, but sometimes it was all we got.

  7. Yo prez…Freschetta gluten free 4 cheese frozen pizza, and yes its gotta be the gluten free. The crust is crispy, crunchy yet chewy and the sauce is tangy goodness. Keep rockn them zesty sweats, hb

  8. It's hard to go off someone's opinion cus we all have different tastes. Like the pres likes tangy sauce. I can't do tangy sauce. I still watch religiously though. lol😂


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