Back to the Future Drinks?  | How to Drink

Back to the Future Drinks? | How to Drink

There’s a few drinks in these movies, and one of them is possibly essential to the story and the very existence of Marty McFly!

Let’s look at the drinking that goes on in the Back to the Future movies, specifically Parts one and two because I already did Part Three a while back. Let’s start our journey in the alternate 1985 where we find Loraine living a miserable life in a gilded cage atop Biff Tower where she slugs J & B to soothe her pain. But then, let’s travel back to 1955 where frankly, there’s a lot of underage drinking going on, and some of it might be essential to the very existence of Marty McFly. I am of course talking about the spiked punch at the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance.

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