Astral Horizon Review (The BEST Shotgun?) | Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy: Astral Horizon is a new shotgun brought to us in Season of the Worthy as the Trials of Osiris shotgun. This weapon has a number of god rolls that we will be going over today, as well as how to get Astral Horizon. Upon calculating one hit kill ranges, Astral Horizon is shaping up to be the best shotgun.
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Astral Horizon Review (The BEST Shotgun?) | Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy

Author by: Aztecross Gaming



  1. I got one with rifled barrel/full choke, accurized rounds/assault mag, quickdraw + opening shot BUT it has a reload speed masterwork. Still melts though

  2. My very first drop after 3 wins had -Small bore/Full choke
    -Assault mag/Tac Mag
    -Opening shot
    -Reload MW

    I never got a good mindbenders, so this makes me really happy. The reload MW should help with the issues you mentioned. Not sure if I should run small bore or full choke. I'll probably keep it full choke.

  3. the hakke shotgun can roll with slideshot and snapshot.
    Toil and Trouble, I believe.
    so if you don't want to do trials until you have this roll, you can just dump a lot of vanguard tokens at zavala

  4. Warlocks, DO NOT forget about Ophidian Aspects when in need of handling/quickdraw. They underestimate us.

  5. I was trying out Quick Charge earlier and couldn’t tell the difference in speed. I had two arc mods on the armour so it should be working but there was no difference.

  6. i have one with full choke, accursed rounds, slideshot, swashbuckler and range masterwork. It’s dirty

  7. Audio sounds great to me on my cloud 2's. I would sound its crisper,not much noise in the sound.

  8. I have a roll with Full choke accurized slideshot and one two punch, most consistent shotgun ive ever used, also one two punch can shotgun melee a bubble titan.

  9. Azteccc you gotta try this build!!! Triple headed doom!

    Cerberus +1/ beloved( any good second sniper) & bottom tree arc with getaway artist in this meta ❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰

  10. I got nothing cuz I don't got gold or game pass 4 trails p.s. can anybody buy me gold or game pass so I can play trails

  11. I got Slideshot, one 2 punch. And field prep opening shot just my luck I wish I had slide shot opening shot

  12. My first was QuickDraw solarity! Really nice in trials but I want something better for 6v6 as well

  13. I got one last night. Range masterwork, slideshot, opening shot, tactical mag, and corkscrew rifling

  14. There are rumors that they made range not to work with shotguns , besides couple of excluded perks . No idea how correct it is though – didnt find any definitive testing so far .

  15. I got a corkscrew/small bore, assault/light mag, slideshot, opening shot with a range master work. This thing is fucking filthy.

    Also if you didn’t start trials yet, then the way to farm ONLY the shotgun from Saint-14, you have to get three wins ONLY. Then you reset your tracker. Then you grind for Trials tokens and spend it on Saint-14 and you get the shotgun ONLY. Haven’t even went for 4 wins. Did it last night and got 3 of them. And me and my friends were super low level light so if you’re competent at PVP than you’ll be fine doing bounties and winning.

  16. Audio reveiw: using subs. Ur P's pop more, it shakes my house with bass every P sound. Ur other mic sounded clearer, this ones just a hair scratchy. the P's are bad man every P pops.

  17. Honestly I wish it was a precision frame since its original blue model was the fused dark mk. 21 which was also a precision frame.

  18. got a range mw, smallbore, light mag, quickdraw and opening shot roll as my first drop and i almost came

  19. Audio seems tight. Just as as solid, I threw this on my headset to make sure, and everything seems fairly good. I didn't notice any red flags or quality issues


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