ASHES OF OUTLAND FULL CARD REVIEW! – Hearthstone: Hearthstone Ashes of Outland – The full set card review you have been waiting for has arrived!
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Author by: Kripparrian



  1. Magtheridon is disgusting with hellfire or that new demonhunter board clear. I don't think you play this on 4, its more like, your next board clear costs 4 more, but it summons a 12/12

  2. what, you skip over overgrowth really quickly. ramp to 7 on turn 4. Quest druid got away with not playing much of anything for 4 turns in a row and we have seen how broken ramp has been in the past.

  3. I love how excited you get when new content comes out for HS. You look like a kid on Christmas morning. Keep up the great content Kripp 💙

  4. Demon hunter lacks an identity but instead just has OP versions of other classes cards. Really bad design.
    Also no Death Knight? At least that one could have a great hero power: Deal 2 to your hero and deal 2 damage to a non undead minon or heal a undead one. Unlike the weird op 1 mana crap they gave demon hunter.

  5. Skull of Gul’dan is easily the most powerful draw spell we’ve seen in the game up until this point. Ive heard a couple people talk about the downside of drawing cards that cost less than 3 but while I understand that doesn’t utilize the outcast bonus efficiently, worst case scenario imo is still like a 2 mana draw 3. Like that card is absolutely busted, don’t let the potential value lost blind you from the insane power level this card offers. It’s still insane to play a 2 mana draw 3, it doesn’t have to be a -4 mana draw 3. Good Card review otherwise lol, but damn, this is one of those cards that blows my mind when people say anything negative about.

  6. I think the imprisoned guy is good, but you got to think about how much manna you're spending on turn 5, if you decide to play him then. Yes, your setting up a big play but you're giving a few turns for your opponent to get ready. So I don't think it's always a good idea to use him on turn 5 especially, unless you can afford to spend that much manna for an empty space. I still think hes a good card but he does require some set up If you want to make the most out of him.

  7. Is anyone else wondering why Kripp is seemingly having a lot of trouble saying words? He skips some of the card names and text, because he seems to be struggling to pronounce them. Just something I picked up throughout the entire video and it seemed odd to me.

  8. They should sue Kripp – worst card reveal ever. He is so embarrassing. So f…k you Kripp, destroyed this good work. You never created anything like this. Just salty gamer kidoo…

  9. I think the kill a bunch of dudes demon hunter deck should be called demon sacker, as in sacrifice.

  10. In Magic the "get a bunch of dudes and kill them off" is called Aristocrats based off a deck from like 2014

  11. I think that Evocation should have read "Restore all empty mana crystals." I do not think that would be too powerful for a legendary spell, and it would fit the 'lore' of the actual spell far better.

  12. with all these huge minions and can't target / attack with spells I see BGH coming back even at it's 5 mana cost.
    Quite sure mid range aggro will dominate until the first weeks of nerfs before that


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