Antec P120 Crystal Case Review: O11 Dynamic Lookalike: Antec’s P120 Crystal shares some looks with the Lian Li O11 Dynamic, but also has some significant changes to differentiate itself. We bought the Antec P120 Crystal for review.
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The Antec P120 Crystal has front and side glass, relying on bottom and side intake for its air paths. It also adds a larger rear fan support than the O11 Dynamic, but rids of the top fan mounting options. Aside from externally looking like the O11 Dynamic, and sharing some of its fan positioning philosophies, the case is largely different from its lack of a separate HDD+PSU compartment. The P120 Crystal has some annoyances in the building process, all discussed in the review, but is overall a good mix of a clone and unique features. With a $30 difference, they’re separate enough in features that each case can exist, although the P120 does offer a cheaper pathway to an O11 “lookalike” for those on a budget.

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Antec P120 Crystal Case Review: O11 Dynamic Lookalike

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