Animal Crossing New Horizons Review with my Girlfriend: Animal Crossing New Horizons Review with Kim AND feat. Girlfriend Reviews
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Animal Crossing New Horizons Review with my Girlfriend

Author by: BeatEmUps



  1. 7:40 Blues Brother's is my favourite movie so seeing it referenced in a youtube melts my heart even more than even Animal Crossing does.

  2. I am completely against time skip in animal crossing. However, this is the 1st game that it accidentally happened to me. Because when I started the game, I noticed too late that when I posted something on the message board, I was posting it on February 2019. So when I got my switch connected to the Internet it automatically updated my date to the current day, so technically I have been playing for one year and like 4 days.

  3. I also didnt understand animal crossing, now that I see this new game I think its so fun and I want to play it, seems relaxing

  4. While I enjoyed the video, I feel like the memes were a little bit forced. Good review overall though!

  5. I can not stress this enough,
    Also something about the video format seemed familiar 🤔

  6. I was the same as you, never played it before and thought it looked stupid…….now I’m addicted 🙈

  7. Good game, but Stardew valley still way better, problem is that the single player is useless, but in online mode i uderstand the hype.

  8. I disliked the video because you hacent played an aninal crossing and your reaction was ehhhh . Wooooow imma follow your gf now!!!

  9. To everyone do not cheat by skipping days. It will rob you of the amazing charm the game has


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