Animal Crossing New Horizons Review – The Final Verdict: Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the culmination of the series’ formula, the zenith of everything Animal Crossing is about, and one of the best games Nintendo have produced in years.




Animal Crossing New Horizons Review - The Final Verdict

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  1. This game has been the most fun I've had with my 8 and 5 year olds. First night we laughed so hard my 5year old farted. Yes it's that good.

  2. Does anyone wanna be friends with me and visit my island? None of my friends have this game and I’m so lonely on there 😭

  3. I mean yeah tools breaking is annoying but it's a mechanic to keep you interested. I would appreciate a durability bar though.

  4. The game looks good, but I’ve heard it’s not for everyone, so would someone who loves stardew valley like this game

  5. This Is My Very First Animal Crossing And I’m Addicted. I Would Highly Recommend This Game And It’s Online Is Great! I Give It A 9.5/10

  6. This is this reviewers first animal crossing game. Hes talking about durability like he never got the gold tools in the previous animal crossing games

  7. I feel like the tools breaking argument is really weak, considering your tools would break in Animal Crossing for Gamecube, too. The only ones that didn't ever break were the Gold versions, unless I'm remembering incorrectly, but I specifically remember axes and shovels breaking down when I needed them most.

  8. One thing that annoys me is the wood, you have normal wood, soft wood and hard wood, OK so 3 wood types and you think there could be 3 different types of trees…no and that's the problem because when I've been crafting and I need normal wood, the trees just give me more hard and soft wood than just normal wood and I tend to get quite annoyed with that. There should be different types of trees for each wood material not all 3 in one. I wouldn't mind the crafting if the wood weren't that much of annoyance.

  9. Barely content compared to new leaf needs a lot of updates

  10. the reviewer is wrong when talking about tools breaking on the random islands. there is a DIY workbench right there so you can craft whatever you need. just bring resources with you or just harvest some from the island..

  11. The multiplayer is horrible and needs to be patched. There is several issues with the multiplayer for non-representative resident players. They are severely limited in progressing the game. The non-RR character is:
    -Unable to unlock the DIY recipes required to furnish villager homes that the representative player has
    -Lacks access to purchasing items from the catalog that the representative player has bought/unlocked, which isn’t the case for the rep resident
    -cannot use or unlock emotes
    -cannot increase relationship with villagers
    -the non-RR is unable to progress in the game beyond what the representative player has made that day

    The second player serves almost no purpose. If you share an island and are the non-RR character, you’re screwed and essentially pointless. It needs to be patched

  12. Is it just me that wishes we could move through the tool wheel with the right analog instead of the left

  13. I do agree that not being able to purchase multiple things or craft multiple things is stupidly frustrating. I hope they patch that out.

  14. Nothing is wrong with the tools breaking. The game is all about resource procurement and management. If your tools didn't break every once in a while you would never feel the same kind of pressure when managing your resources. Especially on excursions to other islands.

  15. I have never played an animal crossing game because im not sure if its for me i mean is it good for a smash fan?

  16. hello, if someone can help me would be amazing my starting villagers (2) are curenly in tents still and im on my second house (198,00 bells) i have the shop now up that is open from 8am-10pm wondering how i get my 2 starting villagers houses thank you so much!! im in that story where i need to make a bridge! any help will be amazing!

  17. I have a depressive disorder and I love animal crossing it is just so relaxing and gives me a break from real life

  18. I… do… not… understand… this… game… 0_o I loved Stardew Valley, Graveyard Keeper, Minecraft… hell, even My Time at Portia.. but this…? Ok, first of all I have NEVER played any of Animal Crossing games before. I purchased this one and was curious… First day was borring as hell, second day, third, fourth… a bit better. Now I have established the museum and that boss bear told me to build a bridge… Soooo… I will build a bridge, tomorrow… but untill then, I can do jack shit to be honest. Harvesting trees? Yup, cut down all trees on my island :p Grow some flowers? Yeah… done that… Went on a secret island raid whatever? Yes, did that too. I cannot see the "depth" in this game, will there be more action in future days? What the hell is the point of the game? I am not saying it is a bad game, not at all, but… it is just strange 0_o

  19. I know acnh is not og but I believe it is the best game. There are more freedoms, it is more beautiful, the pro designs are more detailed and there are more things to make, you can design your furniture, you can decorate outdoors, and so much more

  20. Question for a noob. Does the real life day cycle mean if i normally game after work at night mean most of my time will be spent at night?


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