Animal Crossing New Horizons | How to Spawn & Farm TARANTULA Island for Easy Bells: Here’s a guide on how to spawn Tarantula island to farm them for east Bells.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons | How to Spawn & Farm TARANTULA Island for Easy Bells

Author by: Arekkz Gaming



    You can save the Tarantulas and sell them to flick when she visits your island for extra bells!

  2. I think it destroy the goal of playing animal crossing it is fun to make money without cheating

  3. How do people make beards for their character the custom designer and pro designer doesn't give me an option to edit those parts of the face or am I missin something?

  4. I can confirm (after 3 consecutive attempts) that this does NOT work on South Hemisphere, normal bugs keep re spawning. You can check for yourself, but i recommend you dont waste miles and time.

  5. You dont need to inch forward like that. You can move pretty far before they charge. I only ever need to stop once per encounter. When they see you wait for them to go down, move about half way forward then stop, once they go down again move in for the catch.

  6. "You can zone out and relax as you do this farm…" Ha. Good one! The idea of sneaking up on a tarantula sounds like the one thing that would not be relaxing to me in this game, and I've learned how to tame the wasps. I'll just be hanging out with Blathers…

  7. Its not working for me, i went to 2 different islands now, should i keep trying? Im in the South Hemisphere, dont know if that has something to do with it

  8. im having trouble getting them to spawn. im on the exact kind of island hes on in the video, and it IS past 7, (8:30 now.) and NONE have spawned.

  9. Shout out to all you guys not using any cheap duplication crown glitchs and actually playing the game. Yall are my people lol

  10. You can catch tarantulas way faster. You just hold a pressed so you are kind of sneaking and you move towards the tarantula. You don't stop when it shakes. You just move towards it. At one point it will make a small jump towards you. This is the moment when you let go of a because the distance is exactly the distance needed to catch the spider. So you don't have to wait for it to chill.

  11. This isn't working for me. The island is cleared of everything, extra stuff is on the beach but butterflies just wont stop fucking spawning….. nothing but butterflies

  12. It doesn't work for me. As many pointed out that people in the southern hemisphere are unlucky because it doesn't work for them but i play in the southern hemisphere and it didn't work on two islands :/ (altough i found a normal tarantula island inbetween)


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