Animal Crossing New Horizons – Giveaway & Polymer Clay Tutorial: Let’s create some characters from Animal Crossing New Horizon with polymer clay: Tom Nook, Isabelle and the red-haired girl from the cover. Also in this video, we will make a Nintendo Switch and Animal Crossing Switch Games Giveaway:

1. Write down who should get it (People affected by the current situation)
2. Vote with your like, who should be the winner
3. Automatically take part in the raffle to win one of the 3 copies of the game Animal crossing New Horizons.

All the winners will be announced in the next animal crossing video, coming next week.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons – Giveaway & Polymer Clay Tutorial

Author by: ClayClaim



  1. I think my friend asa should get the switch as he spent have any personal gaming devices aside from a game boy advance

  2. I think giving the switch to a child hospital would be best for the children who can’t entertain themselves have a good time

  3. My mom because she now has to work home from a hard job and has to teach my autistic brother and make us breakfast lunch and dinner

  4. i never win anything in anybody's giveaways that is why I think I should win it and I also don't have one

  5. i would give the switch to my younger sister because she is currently sick and it would give her something to do

  6. Can I get the game because I really want to play it and have never played animal crossing in my whole life.

  7. My mom would love to be able to play the new Animal Crossing game. She still has to go to work because she works in medical distribution, and she's always been a fan of Animal Crossing. I would love to be able to give it to her. Even if I can't though, goodluck to everyone else. <3

  8. I would give this game to my friend who has been playing animal crossing and pokemon since 2012 on his DS and 3DS but when the switch came out, he couldnt get it as he was going through some problems. He still doesn't have one and with this game or switch he could get the next pokemon games and this animal crossing. Thank you.
    His mum works as childcare for the children of the workers of the virus helpers and my friend has nothing to do when this happens.

  9. I think my aunt should get this switch. My aunt is a doctor and she has to go to work everyday to help patients. She has to risk her wellness to help other people in need and I think that’s just so amazing that there are people that are more concerned about others than themselves. My aunt is doing something that could change this terrible virus that is taking lives. I think my aunt would love this switch I’m almost positive she will love and enjoy this game. It’s people like my aunt that will make a change in this sickness. I hope everyone’s safe and I hope this ends soon because it sucks to stay home all day. Good luck to everyone.

  10. hi! I would want the game but i do feel like other people need it as well especially people in need so pl z help them first! although it is a pretty noice game too….

  11. My sister deserves it because she is an amazing mom of a 4 yr old and she also had a chronic illness that makes every day mom things extremely hard yet she perseveres and takes excellent care of her family. She never does anything just for herself and I think she deserves to be spoiled for once. She has been wanting a switch since they came out but keeps putting off buying one so she can spoil her kid instead. Love you Sissy 😘 I hope you win!

  12. he garbage man who comes by every single house no matter what and they risk getting sick every day

  13. I think my litter brother will be happy two have his first console if i win.I will be very happy if so😊.Or my futher that he is the best becaus he always there for anyone like me,brother and mom and thanks two him we are the people that we are two day.Love you dad 😊

  14. ive been playing animal crossing since i was 6! and i have 3 people in my family who want animal crossing!

  15. I think my brother deserves it because he is always bored and needs something to do and works hard everyday

  16. I don't know some one that realy needs a switch cause of the virus, but I have always wanted a switch sense it came out, but here in Mexico it's expensive so i would realy like to have particapateing in this giveaway 🙂

  17. I think my mum should get it because she used to play New Leaf but her ds broke and her work was canceled and she has nothing to do during the lockdown

  18. My partner is a pharmacist and he hasn't been able to stay at home during this time because his work is considered essential. He's also immunocompromised and I'm constantly worrying about him when he does go out to work but I understand why he has to keep going. His pharmacy has been working overtime everyday trying to keep up with all the orders and changes going on, he's barely had any time to relax. He's told me he wants to play this game but hasn't had time yet because of his work and I would love to surprise him with it when this is all over!


  19. I would give it to my sister. She is the sweetness sister that I ever got. She always uses her time for studying. So I hope she could at least relax a little with the switch:)

  20. My little cousin is going through some personal issues that no one should have to go through, giving it to him won’t fix his problems but it might cheer him up


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