An Old-School Sugar Cane Farm! ▫ Minecraft 1.15 Skyblock (Tutorial Let's Play) [Part 21]: The Skyblock Survival Guide continues! Now the automatic cobblestone farm is providing us with easy unlimited material, we can start automating more of our Skyblock world. Let’s start with a sugar cane farm!

Download ‘Skyblock 4’ by DrTrog from PlanetMinecraft:

Skyblock playlist:


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An Old-School Sugar Cane Farm! ▫ Minecraft 1.15 Skyblock (Tutorial Let's Play) [Part 21]

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  1. Pixriffs I am Talha from Bangladesh . I am proud of your building your redstone and every other stuff .Can you help me by creating a video on how to restore my corrupted world.By the way love your vids and do more of the survival guide vids, I am looking forward to the world tour at ep 300.

  2. it wil be better if you make a 0-teck sugarcane farm
    it will produce a big amount of sugarcane for you

  3. Please do the Woodland Mansion next
    If you want him to go there to
    Like so Pixlriffs' sees this comment

  4. Is there a way of getting Sweet Bertie bushes? I know foxes can spawn with items in there mouth but do they spawn with berries bushes? Because berrie bushes are a great source of emeralds


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