AKAI MPC ONE: Review and full workflow tutorial // Comparison to MPC Live: Here are answers to over 200 questions, plus a full workflow tutorial in this review of Akai’s MPC One (a lot of which is relevant to the MPC Live as well)

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0:00 Intro
1:10 Overview
2:25 Connectivity
4:20 Is it worth it?
4:45 vs MPC Live
5:55 Terminology
6:55 Track overview
8:55 Sample pool
9:50 Drum programs
15:20 Plugins
18:50 Keygroups
20:40 Auto sample
22:35 Clip programs
25:05 MIDI programs
26:50 CV programs
28:05 Audio tracks
30:10 Sampling
33:40 Looper
34:30 Resampling
35:45 Timing correct
35:55 Recording live
36:30 Step sequencing
37:40 Automation
41:00 Q-LINK knobs
43:45 Performance controls
46:20 Song options
49:35 Effects
52:40 Pros & cons

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AKAI MPC ONE: Review and full workflow tutorial // Comparison to MPC Live

Author by: loopop