AJ Styles & Undertaker in a … Boneyard Match? | The Raw Review (March 23, 2020): More matches are made for Wrestlemania 36 as Raw continues to emanate from an empty Performance Center! And what’s a “Boneyard Match”?


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AJ Styles & Undertaker in a ... Boneyard Match? | The Raw Review (March 23, 2020)

Author by: Wrestling With Wregret



  1. Despite the uncertainty of just what a Boneyard Match is, I think that was the best promo of A.J. Styles' WWE career. He has often been criticized for his promo ability, but when he is passionate, he can actually deliver a great promo.

  2. Brendan Vink is Elliot Sexton, has been a member of TMDK/TM61 for many years. Was signed with Jonah Rock/Bronson Reed.

  3. – Brendan Vink is Elliot Sexton.
    – Nick Miller requested his release to spend more time with his family.

  4. I think with Shane and Nick it was more Nick asked for his release as opposed to being let go. I think his wife had just had a baby and he went to obviously be there for his family and didn't really want to come back

  5. "Trying to get as far away from the wrestling as possible." Sounds like Vince has finally succeeded

  6. I didn't watch but boneyard will probably be filmed in a graveyard or an actual boneyard (that's what they call airplane junkyards)

  7. When they showed the replay of Austin stunning Bryon Saxton, he showed a bit of a Heel Turn in my opinion

  8. Best Rollins promo in a long time. You could feel like part of him really believed that it's all because of him.
    Maybe he's a real jerk.

  9. Personally, I think they should switch to the 2 hour format again for the time being. Less time to keep filling out with replays of past matches, and you can also have like 3 live matches, hype packages, and promos and they wouldn't seem that desperate to keep butts in the seats, so to speak. But I'm sure they probably have contract and are obligated to be on for 3 hours. Just my opinion though.

  10. WWE Universe: we really hated seeing Asuka lose to Charlotte at WM 34
    WWE: then how about you watch it again??????

  11. 3:03 umm what Brock??? you sound like you're so PG that you're trying to be soo un PG that ypu just end up being more PG than ever. Sorry Brock keep failing and making Cody's job easier.

  12. Maybe they should show some classic matches that had the up and coming Hall of Famers tonhelp pad out the time. Some of the fans haven't ever seen a British Bulldog or Liger match

  13. Boneyard Match: They project a bunch of spooky scary skeletons onto the canvas for the majority of the match

  14. Kinda takes you back to the territory days when promotions would tape their weekly programming at TV studios.

  15. Actually have to Disagree on the ROH doing it before WWE and AEW with the camera shot:

    1.WrestleMania X
    2. Survivor Series 96
    3. SummerSlam 98
    4. Royal Rumble 00

  16. apparently a boneyard match is a buried alive match , but for anyone thinks taker will win due to this being a match styled for him
    just to keep track , taker has lost most of his buried alive matches , so it's quite debatable if he will win

  17. Am i the only person wondering y they haven’t had Brock lesnar n a brutal match against a poor weak amateur pathetic excuse for a wrestler . It would hit so much different being n a silent empty arena. It would be more eire an more brutal

  18. Douched out was just Paul being edgy instead of saying washed out… Since douching is washing a vajayjay out.

  19. I’m pretty sure ko is older then Seth so I think what Seth was saying was him working his ass off helped the PC and nxt get made and helped guys like ko get a look from wwe. I don’t think he even mentioned his generation at all during the promo


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