AC/DC Are You Ready Guitar Lesson + Tutorial: You all breathe it, we all need it, are you ready for a good time? Today I’m going over how to play Are You Ready by AC/DC on electric guitar! A huge thanks to all of my Patrons who helped me choose this lesson. Let’s get playing!

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AC/DC Are You Ready Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Author by: Marty Music



  1. hey Marty i love your videos i have built two guitars now one is a bullet proof lexan body it weighs 14 pounds the other is wormy red oak with custom engraving on the front and back they were cnc cut out at my tech school i would love to show you a pic of them.

  2. Of all the guitars I've owned over the years, I've never owned an SG. Every time I hear one I think "I need to get an SG". Being a coffin dodger, I think my time for getting an SG better happen soon! Thanks for the inspiration Marty.
    Kevin O'Rourke

  3. Could you do a Guitar lesson on The Brian Jones Town Massacre ~ Anenome, it's got a sick main riff that would be sweet to learn

  4. Dats awesome ..a very good pass time during lockdown
    Also Marty pls can u do a welcome to the jungle lesson 😁

  5. Could you please make a lesson on 'If I fell' by the Beatles!! This song means a lot to me and if you could make a tutorial it would mean a lot! Love your videos got into guitar because of your videos!!


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