A Simple Guide to Working / Learning From Home: HOW TO ADJUST: Making the transition to working or learning from home? Welcome!
Here are some research-based strategies for making it easier. These strategies are especially important for neurodiverse brains, but they’re helpful for all brains. Please share!


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A Simple Guide to Working / Learning From Home: HOW TO ADJUST

Author by: How to ADHD



  1. How to download the free phone background:

    1. go to adhddd.com
    2. click on "shop"
    3. scroll down to the one you want — "Learning From Home Phone BG" or "Working From Home Phone BG"
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    1. go to adhddd.com
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  2. am i the only one who feels like this is a bit like telling an insomniac to just "go to sleep"? i think her intentions are good but i've never been able to meet deadlines in anything approaching a reasonable fashion in lieu of an actual social and high-stakes environment. and i dunno that i know anyone on the adhd spectrum that has. if i were to share this advice it'd be totally disingenuous and i wonder if these rituals actually work for her.

  3. Schools are closed. Daycare is closed. My wife and I are teleworking, my daughter is teleschooling, and the 2 and 4-year-olds are not helping me get things done. Let's just say that it is a struggle. Got any tips for teleworking with toddlers?

  4. THIS is the reason I have been checking back so often these last 11 days! Thank you so much Jessica!

  5. I was wondering, as someone with ADHD looking to get a job during these times, what work from home jobs are best for ADHD brains? I've been struggling a lot with holding down a job to the point where I am considering hiring a disability lawyer, but I don't really want to give up just yet. Any ideas?

  6. My school closed down one week ago already and I’m really struggling to get to work. So I’m going to use these tips, thank you!
    I also have a question, I’m about to start my own YouTube channel, which is going to be on ADHD and study vlogs. Do you have any tips? And is it okay with you if I use this video, but also others as references for where I get my information?
    Thank you in advance and you’ve really helped me to understand some stuff I never even knew were because of my ADHD, thank you! :))

  7. For me, working from home seems to… work 🙂

    Things i like:
    – silence as a choice, music as a choice. I can switch them as i like
    – less interruptions – yes, chat and phones are there, but i think they discourage people from contacting you, rather than "hey you, come here"
    – have not to stay sit. Just taking my laptop on the sofa and i can continue working

    Things i challenge with:
    – boredom has so more ways to interrupt you at home
    – disconnecting my mind from work. Computer is right there, so if something is still working on my mind i am very tempted to go back to work

  8. THANK YOU! When all this started I immediately searched your videos for something related to this topic and then HOPED your next video would be learning/working from home. You did NOT disappoint! Awesome and helpful video. We got this, Brains!

  9. What's really interesting about all this is I'm actually doing better I was before. I've realised I'd been living in a state of near constant crisis for the last 6 months at least. So now that the outside world matches what has been going on inside, it's oddly calming.

    I've always had a big problem with implementing the solutions to my executive function problems. I've come to realise that it's also work, which is difficult to achieve. But now I've been doing better with those as well.

    It's pretty weird but I'm not complaining. If the cancellation of all my plans for this Spring is the cost I have to pay for being able to implement the solutions I need to stabilise my life, I'll take it.

  10. I loved staying home and I would prefer it over going out with friends. I even joked at the beginning of all this that "I was used to it so it wouldn't be a big deal to me", but now, only 2 weeks in, I am losing my mind and I've never wished to leave the house more. help

  11. Aaaaagh I was at my new school litterally THREE DAYS before I had to start doing online school.

    This is pain, I was still getting settled in with the work and I think I'm on the wrong french class because it's not beginner and I don't understand anything… I don't even know if I've forgotten to do anything today.

  12. I had to switch to online classes last fall. It's hard as all get out to stay focused and motivated. I'm getting better, but I also have senioritis. Badly.

  13. I’m an actor and “working” from home is putting me to the point of snapping. This quarantine needs to end soon. I can not enjoy time not being on stage or rehearsing for a play.

  14. Thank you so much for this! I started working from home yesterday, and wow-whee!, what a challenge. A reminder of these strategies is super helpful in getting settled into a new environment.

  15. I needed this today.❤️ I just took incompletes in my Winter Term classes because of the increase of hours in my work schedule due to people calling out sick over the past couple of weeks. My job just closed, but it set me back on my finals. This will help me get (and stay) organized.

    I also have boundary issues when it comes to helping others before myself, so I’ll usually drop everything for other people, even if it means getting off-track in my studies. I like the idea of the signs on the door. I don’t live with anyone else, but my neighbors knock a lot. I’ll have to try that method. 😊

  16. I LOVE working from home! I just started a new remote position and I feel so much more motivated and happy now!

  17. Another thing I am trying out and may help someone out there – I set an alert every fifteen minutes. It may sound dumb, but if I drift into doing something else that isn't what I am supposed to do, the alert lands me and reminds me that I have plans.
    Of course you can adjust the time frame of the alarms and even write your future self notes! (learn from my mistake and make sure they are clear)

  18. I’ve been watching your videos for a while and they’ve really helped me understand what is going on in my brain and what I can do to help it. It’s been hard to find stuff that works for me because I’m in high school and I would usually find tips for high schoolers without adhd or adhd tips that didn’t work with my schedule, but watching your videos helped me stay focused and organized during chaotic school weeks. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for all you do!

  19. Thank you! This helps a lot! I work from home two days in a week in normal circumstances but in those my partner isn't home. Now that it's all days at home with her also working from home, it's so very difficult to focus and get things done as the environment is not work environment.

    What works for us now: we're getting an office desk (in addition to the dining table) so we can work separately. I've also invested in monitors to replicate the set up at work. Now we need to work on structure and fixing the sleeping schedule so we can be more accountable for the time spent working vs not working.

  20. Perfect timing!!! I shared this video with my college academic coach to share with other students. This is super helpful!

  21. I've been able to work a lot better from home than I normally do. It normally takes up so much energy to even go to school, with all the stimuli that come with it, that there's none left for me to actually do work. Now I actually have the mental energy to focus on the schoolwork I need to do. Being able to make my own plan is also nice.

  22. Working from home was when the Pomodoro Technique really klicked for me. I never knew what to do with the breaks at the office, plus also social phobia awkward to just get up and what do nothing for a while? But suddenly, with just the cats watching, and a dish washer needs emptying, it turns out that it only takes five minutes to empty the dish washer, and that is both productive and a complete break from pushing the computer things to compute. And other home decluttering things can also be done in tiny five minute steps as a pomodoro break!

  23. Ah-h-h! I was hoping a video like this would come out. I've been trying to get into freelancing from home for a while but uh……………. I'm easily dis-… uh…………… Wait, you can grow your own vanilla?

  24. Haha accountabillabuddy reminds me of South park….. hmm I've been watching too much TV and YouTube lately. Anyways excellent content as always ma'am

  25. Hi Jessica, how are you? You look a little sad (I hope I'm wrong). It's all right? Thanks for another great video.


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