8 Tips on how Trump can deal with NYT & win the elections! | The Deshbhakt feat. Bhakt Banerjee: It has been a tough few days for #DonaldTrump – embattled on multiple fronts and now subject to perhaps the most embarrassing expose by the legendary #NewYorkTimes. Not the fact that he did not pay his taxes – but more perhaps that he’s virtually broke – with loans to the tune of $300 that he has to personally pay by 2024.

Bhakt Banerjee however has an escape plan – where Trump can rule for not just 4 but 40 years! Dipping into his expertise in dealing with a questioning press and twisting things his way… BB offers eight valuable skills to Trump that will make him win the #AmericanElections and silence the press.

Will Trump dip into this Chanakya Niti?
Will it be Phir Ek Baar Trump Sarkar?
Will Trump call on Bhakt Banerjee to assist him in the US?
Watch this episode!

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Writer : Sarthak Goswami
Editor : Tushar
Producer: Avishrant

8 Tips on how Trump can deal with NYT & win the elections! | The Deshbhakt feat. Bhakt Banerjee

Author by: Akash Banerjee – source: https://blogtubez.com/