50 People From 50 States Tell Us How To Fit In With The Locals | Culturally Speaking: We asked 50 people, one from each state in the U.S., to educate us on how best to fit in with the locals back home. A working knowledge of good barbecue? Perhaps an emphasis on proper manners in the south? Watch and learn the best ways to blend in wherever you are in the country on this episode of Culturally Speaking.

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50 People From 50 States Tell Us How To Fit In With The Locals | Culturally Speaking

50 People From 50 States Tell Us How To Fit In With The Locals | Culturally Speaking

Author by: Condé Nast Traveler



  1. Please don’t try to have a southern accent like we’ll just laugh at you most of us live in the city

  2. Oklahoma: day y’all, wear boots, we talk a lot of faith, drive a truck, tornados aren’t scary.

  3. kinda sad the missouri person didn’t say “wear Chiefs jerseys” cause every person in the greater area owns one

  4. Wisconsin: anything above 30 degrees but below 60, you have to wear a sweatshirt with shorts. Also, don’t pronounce the L in Milwaukee

  5. They really got the most generic Arizona person they could. Best thing you can actually do is to go visit Prescott on the weekend, hike Camelback mountain, complain about the heat but in the same breath be thankful it isn't snow, these are good tips if you are in Phoenix. If you are in Flagstaff it is a whole different state. The one thing that definitely does bring us all together though is that low key cowboy country vibe.

  6. As a New Hampshirite, I must say. She's 100% right. "In the summer, New Englanders will complain that it's too hot, in the winter, they'll complain that it's too cold, in the spring, they'll complain that it's too muddy or buggy, and in the fall, they will complain that there is nothing to complain about."

  7. I don’t even know what the Connecticut girl was talking about and I’ve lived here my whole life

  8. For California, pack a jacket, umbrella, tshirt, sunglasses, cold medicine cause the weather is on crack. And thats for one week. Complain bout traffic, and rent prices. Oh and argue bout Mexican restaurants because we love it spicy 😎

  9. maryland girl: “don’t wear anything too touristy” GIRL. WE LIVE IN MARYLAND. WE WEAR TOURISTY STUFF EVERYDAY. she was wearing touristy stuff her first couple episodes too!!!!


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