5 Tips to STOP Tote Shuffling once and for all! (Successfully Declutter your Home): Often, when we go to declutter and organize a space in our home, we just ending up moving stuff from one place to another. How can we stop “tote shuffling” once and for all? Today we share 5 tips to fully declutter and enjoy a simplified home!

R E L A T E D : Make the boundaries the bad guy! Setting boundaries for our stuff (lots of examples!) https://youtu.be/R1YOP0Cuelo

T I M E C O D E S :

00:00 How to stop tote shuffling
01:14 Tip 1- Fully deal with each item
04:33 Tip 2- Use it or Lose it
06:13 Tip 3- Put like with like
08:48 Tip 4- Still too much inventory
11:14 Tip 5- Set limits

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5 Tips to STOP Tote Shuffling once and for all! (Successfully Declutter your Home)

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