5 Tips ALL New Rocket League Players MUST KNOW

5 Tips ALL New Rocket League Players MUST KNOW

This video covers 5 of the MOST IMPORTANT tips new Rocket League players should know. If you know these Rocket League tips as a beginner, you’ll be so far ahead in knowledge compared to everyone else at your rank which will help you improve so much faster.

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0:00 Intro
1:03 Tip #1: Aerials
4:10 Tip #2: Parts Of The Car
6:24 Tip #3: Positioning vs. Momentum
10:47 Tip #4: Ball Cam vs. Car Cam
13:08 Tip #5: Training Your Brain
15:25 Outro

There so many Rocket League tips that are REALLY useful for new Rocket League players to know but this video is already 16 minutes long so if I added more, it would take so much longer. However, if you want me to make this a series where I give 5 important tips for new players in each video, then let me know! This video took a very long time to edit so I hope you enjoy it!

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