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5 MINUTE Soft Spring Eye Makeup Tutorial

Author by: An Knook



  1. Hey Everyone! ♡ Thank you all so much for taking the time to watch this video. This week I haven't been able to film a lot because I am actually not feeling very well. I am born without a Thyroid and I take medicines for that all my life. Now, in November I stopped taking birth control without realizing this would effect my thyroid medicinen. I think the reason I'm not feeling well is becauce I need more medicines. Through the weeks I have gotten al of these weird symtoms; Pain in my hands, legs, slow breathing, dry skin.. And this appears to be a side effect of a slow thyrod ( or in my case not enough medicinen ) tomorrow I'm going to get my blood checked (if the doctors will let me because they have so much to do now because of the Virus) I really hope so. I'm very stressed about this because It's effecting my health so hopefully I can get my blood checked tomorrow and I can feel better again. Sorry for this long story. I hope you all are doing well & I hope to see you in my next video. Lots of love 🥰

  2. What do you mean when you say "I'm cleaning up", please? What do you do exactly? Do you use a concealer or a foundation? I don't understand this part. I'm a beginner with make-up ^^

  3. I love these look please keep on using huda beauty products I love them all u think I I should buy IT hun

  4. Reminds me of pink lemonade 🍋 I like. Oh and btw its pronounced "Sutt-el" not "Subtle" like its spelled, the b is silent .

  5. …."PERFECTION!!"….As always 💛this…its a nice spring/summer time look. Thank you An💝U💋👍👀

  6. I like your eye makeup and also apply it. But pls create a soft and light eye makeup for Asian girls which have golden brown skin tone for summer


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