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3 Ways to Go from AWKWARD to ATTRACTIVE | How to Stop Being Awkward

Author by: Based Zeus



  1. I didn’t even know who drew was until everybody started commenting about him and I looked him up and realized he’s a YouTuber. I was just going through pics on google images and one of his pics popped up 😂 — no hate!

  2. Dude dont sell it at the beginning when no one knows what type of value/content they will get. Between beginning and middle and middle and end.

  3. Zeus: you don't have any excuses not to do it.
    Me: what about quarantine
    Zeus: just do it!!!
    Me: uh um okayyy

  4. Personally I subscribed because of the shorter vids, There wasn’t any bullshit in it and were straight to point. Kind of like your one of the best characteristics.

  5. Just turned 18 awesome I’m gonna be able to go out to clubs, drink and get chicks. Reality- Corona virus 🤣😫

  6. it costs more to make 10 mins videos than 3 mins videos lol, I bet its like 3.3333 times more money. I learn so much. I think with my current finances, I could afford to make like a 2 second video every week. but if you sponsor and kickstart and paypal me, I could make like 2 hours every day. comment if you like me.

  7. About eye contact; I'm not very handsome & also believe a mans equivalent of "resting bitch face" going on for me. I'm actually quite good at maintaining eye contact on normal times but to a stranger I'm scared that I might come off as scary/creepy, provided that I'm not coming off as downright unattractive in the first place. What do I do?

    Actually come to think of it,it's quite optimistic for me to think that attractive women will take a glance at me anyways lol

  8. You can't stop being shy unless you can have a personality transplant lol. Your personality can't be changed and you have to accept the way you're or just continue hating yourself.

  9. Hi bro, watching your videos from Europe, love them. I think it's really best to do mostly short videos (5-10 min) and then sometimes you go deeper one one subject and do a longer video about it (20-40 min)

  10. *Zeus: "walk around and make eye contact with other people"
    COVID-19: "I'm about to end this whole man's careers😈" *

  11. 10min is absolute max video length. Longer videos mostly contains so much ads that I rarely watch them


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