3 Trailside Mountain Bike Fixes | How To Fix Your MTB On A Ride: Having an issue with your MTB when out on the trails is annoying and can end your ride! Here’s Blake with a few trailside repairs to help get you home 🀘

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Blake shows you how to easily fix a loose headset, rubbing disc brake, and snapped gear cable whilst out on the trail.

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3 Trailside Mountain Bike Fixes | How To Fix Your MTB On A Ride

Author by: Global Mountain Bike Network



  1. I just want to thank Blake and all of the GMBN presenter and crew for keeping content coming during these crazy and terrible times. These videos help me keep things light for a little while. I think these videos help, maybe, more than you guys know. THANK YOU!!!!!!

  2. the sing sing sing noise can also be caused by bent rotor? Happens frequently in moto not sure about mtb

  3. What about the worst….A broken and destroyed rear derailleur! Chain breaker and magic link to the rescue. Had this happen last weekend and managed to ride 130km back to civilisation!

  4. Might be a silly question but what are you to do with the rest of the gear cable? Are you cutting it off or tucking it away somewhere?

  5. When u get to your cat after a ride and need to take ur pedals off but they stuck just take ur axle out put the allen key in your axle and you have enough leverage to take your pedals off 🀟

  6. I ripped my rear mech off halfway through a race, had to remove it, shorten the chain and finish as a single speed.

  7. Do a mountain bike noise duagnosis compilation to help people figure out what's wrong.
    Cassette chain chatter
    Front derailleur rub
    Disk brake rub
    Headset clonk
    Tyre buzz on frame
    Bottom bracket creak
    Wheel bearing grind
    Overtightened headset
    Saddle creak
    Crank creak
    Then how to get a friend to hear where the noise is coming from by riding next to you. How the sound repeats – with pedal stroke, with suspension movement, on braking, with chain rotation, on hard acceleration etc.
    Then how to fix each issue – tightening, lubing, adjusting, replacing (press fit BB), taking apart and cleaning.
    Start the vid off with a compilation of all the sounds and just a picture of a bike so we can guess where they come from.
    Like how you find where noises are coming from in an engine, you can use a against your ear, and move the other end around the bike to isolate exactly where a creaking noise is coming from.
    Written too much now, but you get the gist…

  8. I thought this would be "trail fixes" like if you didnt have an allen key, not how to to routine brake and headset maintenance while on the trail

  9. Hey could you start doing shout outs for other small channels not saying my one but still it would help.
    Thanks I’m a big fan

  10. What do you do with all that extra cable now just trailing behind you and potentially getting caught in stuff

  11. Yeah me and a mate may have thought you were filming a different kind of video when Blake was stripping in the car park at eastridgeπŸ˜‚

  12. I had a rubbing disc brake today making that noise on my trail ride funnily enough! It felt red hot and I didn't know what was going on. This video has helped big time! I am getting a new RockShox fork fitted hopefully this week so will sort that issue as well at the same time.

  13. Recently I was a bit too harsh on my gears, and demolished my already "used" derailleur pad. Thought I remembered it from GMBN, used a lent multitool to make a singlespeed and I was able to cycle the 10km back home. Was more of a hassle to get the right replacement pad!

  14. Good one for the gear, I hadn't thought of that. The only time I broke a derailleur cable was at the top of a long descent (lucky me), so no problem leaving it in the hardest gear.

  15. My discs on my bike only just started marketing that sort of rubbing sound. And it's funny cos I just watch these videos anyway so good I watched it now. Thanks πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž

  16. I dont know whats wrong with my bike. It makes a cracking sound when riding over loose terain. I dont think it's the suspension because it still makes that sound when i lock out the suspension. It really drives me crazy. Btw my bike is a giant trance 2

  17. Did you really just grab the brake rotor with your sweaty, muddy hands? Don't let Henry see this video, he'll get angry. You don't want to see Henry angry.

  18. I had the pivot pin fall out of my Hayes brake lever once upon a time. I jammed a bit of a twig in it once, and another time used a zip tie to secure the lever to get back to the car. #notafanofHayes!

  19. Blake this is uncanny! My green hardcore hardtail almost has the exact same three problems with it! I have a knocking sound that I noticed coming from the front, and the front disc brake is rubbing gently. I haven't snapped a gear cable, but my derailleur is skipping the second largest gear and I need to fix that. I'll attend to those today! This was good motivation.

  20. had a bad crash the other day and my bike was wrecked! had to walk back. this would've been so useful!!


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