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0:00 Intro
0:45 QOTD
1:07 Omen Blind Intro Teleport
1:55 Killjoy Turret Headglitch
2:33 Cypher One Way Cage On Split
3:11 Cypher One Way Cage On Ascent
3:56 Killjoy Ultimate On Ascent B
4:47 Jett Updraft Operator Spots For Post Plant
5:56 Jett Quick One-Way Smokes
6:36 Cypher Cage A Main
7:13 Omen Blinds For Early Aggression
7:53 Sova Odin And Recon Dart Combo
8:29 Sova Double Shock Darting Plant
8:59 Phoenix Wall To Cut Sites In Half
9:48 Reyna Double Kill Heal Into Dismiss Cancel
10:19 Cypher Cam In Split Mid
10:50 Outro

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15 INSANE Tips You NEED TO KNOW - Valorant (One Ways, Ability Interactions, Lineups & MORE)

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