100% Honest Update Review | WHERE ARE THE GADGETS?!?!?!: Brawl Stars 100% Honest Update Review | KairosTime
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In this video I’m going to be talking about the Jacky, Sprout, and Gadget update! The most recent update added Gadgets which is bringing Brawl Stars’s depth to a whole new level! That’s great and all, but WHERE ARE THE GADGETS?!

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100% Honest Update Review | WHERE ARE THE GADGETS?!?!?!

Author by: KairosTime Gaming



  1. underdog mechanic is such a good thing in brawl stars. I've been the underdog for 3 times, or 2wins and 1lose. if you win, you will get 12 trophies instead of 8. and if you lose you will lose 2 trophies instead of 5 trophies.

  2. This review, as always, is pretty accurate in my humble opinion. So awesome work as always 😀 though, is it me, or do all of the new environments tend to be… Laggy?

  3. 4:29 not so true that gadgets are really hard to unlock. F2P here but already has 5 gadgets. Additionally, a friend just came up and showed a shop with ONLY gadgets, but the account isnt even maxed. Only 1 star power, rest are lvl 5-7 brawlers.

  4. all my dumb friends at 5k trophies got jacky and few gadgets..
    Me: has no jacky or gadgets after opening 100 boxes(still poor to buy some gadgets)

  5. Today I got an offer for power points for jacky. That's it! I have almost every sp unlocked and im baffled how I've been getting similar shop deals ever since gadgets came out. Ive only gotten 3 so far..

  6. Maybe I haven't noticed it in game yet, but I wish there was a way to tell if someone has a gadget on there brawler similar to the star powers. Just some way to tell me that this Shelly, for example, has a gadget so I should stay further away

  7. Kairos: Why r gadgets not appearing in shop
    Me: Why r 2-3 gadgets appearing in shop when I have no money

  8. I'm in ur situation n yah Jacky is op lol got her max n gadget. So idk I can only afford 12k gold not 30k yet but I'll be there any day if I open chest lol

  9. Yes plz omg agreed if u have a max account all brawelers and absolutely no other reason to open a chest besides to try for a gadget then they should be in the shop every day! Cuz I'm like u I've got nothing to spend my gold on I've got over 100 chest and I wasted 40 chest and got zero gadgets I just literally quit the chest n am saving them all from now on and my drop rate isn't going up witj it either! Which is pissing me off cuz now it seriously does feel like every chest I open is a gamble ok I maybe got like idk 30 gems of those 40+chest but no more tickets n THAT is confusing is pgs going to replace it? Or how's this work cuz I got screwed out of mine in the damn thing counted a fkn practice round as if I had actually played n they tried to tell me those weren't bot accounts yet they all literally have the same stats n things that make no sense like not having trophy road brawelers or any with any gadgets and zero star powers almost all level 1 brawelers and they had like 2 level 9 n they don't even have them all so idfk what THAT was all about I tried to tell them it's a bug n they said nope well it showed Mr the friendly thing n when I hut play it threw me into a game with bot1 2 n 3 and the other team said bots then when I play it shows as not practice but pgs and after that i tried to do it again but it changed the mode so they gave me some bs about how it's not fair to other players if I get that 1loss not like I asked for auto win just a fair chance! But they gave me a load of bs sooo thick I'm like livid n every other word would be 4 letter if I talk to them now it's even hard ffs to try n not so I'm out

  10. I really like the new gadgets but the only thing I dislike is the button. For me the button is too big and too high. I would like if supercell added a mode how you could set your placement for the gadget. I would love this because for me the button is only in the way. But overall I like bs really much.

  11. I think you should do the giveaways here on YouTube because some people can’t have social media like that and if you’re watching the video, you can obviously enter. Just my thoughts because I can’t enter

  12. In my honest opinion, gadgets just make brawl stars more pay to win :c…
    Not to mention the removal of tickets, the best sistem to earn chests and the cheapest one.
    And i still think that brawl stars needs a more complex 5v5 mode…
    Maybe 2 sides of the map, each one with a game mode already known, like gem grab and siege, and we can choose wich side to be in. Make mini matches on each side, like 40secs, and each match is a point. So for example, one side could be bounty and the other heist. Both resetting each 40 seconds and giving score to each team (1 point). The team with the most amount of points will win.
    And maybe for this mode 5min matches… But that part can also change

  13. Please don’t tell me I’m the only one who just noticed one of boxes on the loading screen had sprout’s face on it

  14. Hey Kairos you gotta trust me on this but you've just been having terrible luck. For the past 2 days I've had 1 gadget each in shop and yesterday I had 3 gadgets in shop! I'm not even maxed like you I'm a f2p player , so really you've just been having a bad time. Also I've 5 gadgets of which I bought one. Also regarding people having less I'm just assuming people didn't collect their boxes.

  15. Eh, 7.5 out of 10. I'm really not happy with the gadgets and think they need a major rework. Right now they're basically just an additional Star Power, and in my experience they're just as hard to get as Star Powers, which is not supposed to be the case. I'm in the same position as you (otherwise maxed account with enough gold saved up to buy all the gadgets) and to date only have eight gadgets (opened six in boxes while maxing out Jacky, and have bought two. I'm saving up boxes now for Sprout's release).

    As for what I think the gadget system SHOULD be: I wish gadgets were abilities that were universal, and could be used with any Brawler. Having, say, 20 abilities available and not knowing which one the brawler you're playing against actually has would really add a lot of depth to the meta. The system as it is now will grow stale very quickly, because people will start anticipating that 8-Bit can teleport, or that that Leon is a clone, and will quickly start figuring out how to counteract them.

    In short: It's fun right now, but won't be for long.

    To keep the meta from getting stale too quickly I'd rework some of the current gadgets into third Star Powers, rework some of the gadgets into universal devices, and create some additional gadgets and 3rd Star Powers to fill in the gaps.

    Then add a rank 11, a 2500 coin upgrade which only becomes available after a Brawler unlocks two SPs, and all it does is give that brawler the ability to use up to two SPs at a time. Any brawler with rank 7 or above could use whichever gadget the player has selected. So you could potentially have a rank 11 brawler with any two out of three (or more) SPs AND a random gadget. Most players would probably NEVER get more than a few players there, but it would definitely be a driving goal that would keep people in the game to accomplish.


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