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In today’s video we’re going to show you how to rap better by giving you 10 things I wish I knew before I started rapping. If you’d wanted to know how to become a rapper and how to start rapping in an easy-to-follow way, this is the channel for you! We provide rap tips on how to make a rap song, how to write rap songs, and how to get your rap career started. We also have videos full of rap song ideas and much more. Enjoy today’s video and thanks for watching!

1. Start Freestyling Immediately
I put this first because I did NOT start freestyle rapping… or in other words, spontaneously create rap on the spot…

…For the first two or three years that I was rapping.

The reason I think this was a bad idea was that I not only WANTED to be good at it since it’s such an impressive art to people, even folks who aren’t normally fans of Hip-Hop…

…But also in highly increased the speed with which I was able to think of rhymes and create new flow patterns on the spot.

I’ve been rapping for more than 15 years now so at this point I know how to freestyle rap, BUT… I wish I had learned it sooner, for sure.

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2. Write In Song Form From The Very Beginning
Another thing that I didn’t do for the first year or so of rapping was format my raps into “song” form.

Meaning that I didn’t practice adding choruses to my raps or having a clear subject matter as much as I should have.

While this was again something that I implemented later on, I definitely struggled with creating good choruses and catchy song sections for longer than I needed to because I was writing verse after verse without any focused topic or clear chorus.

3. Start Rapping To Other People Immediately
It took me quite a while to get up the nerves to rap in front of other people, and the sooner I started the better I would have been for it.

At the end of the day, the first 10-15 times you rap in front of people it’s going to be a little nerve-wracking, there’s no way around that.

Much like going to the gym the first few times if you feel like you’re too skinny or too fat to be there.

…But over time you become more comfortable in the environment and you build up reference experiences that you’re not “gonna die” when you go to the gym or in this case when you rap in front of other people.

With this in mind, I wish from day one I rapped in public as opposed to after like a year of doing it.

4. “Writers Are People Who Write. Rappers Are People Who Rap.”
This is a mentality that I gained after I felt like I was GOOD enough to call myself a “rapper”, but at first I felt like in order to be called a “rapper” you needed to sell millions of records and every person on the street, even homeless ones, had to have heard of you.

This is NOT the case. If you practice the art of rapping you can consider yourself a rapper. When someone says, “I’m a guitarist” you assume that means they can play the guitar and are usually in a band…

…But you don’t automatically assume they are Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin. Why should rap be any different?

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10 Things You Should Know When You Start Rapping (How To Rap)

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