10 Style Tips I Learned In My 20's

10 Style Tips I Learned In My 20's

Style Tips I Learned In My 20’s.
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My favorite pieces:
– Relaxed Premium Weight T-Shirt (oversized tee): (sold out at time of upload but restock expected Nov. 11)
– Modern Fit Performance Chinos:
– Bomber Jacket:
– Court Sneakers:
– Slim Fit Japanese Oxford Shirt:
– No-Sweat Half-Zip Sweater: (just tried this one recently and it’s soooo good)

I’m 5’7″, slim built and wear XS for the tops and 28×30 for pants.

Some of my favorite female fashion content creators:
Xenia Adonts:
Allegra Shaw:
Leonie Hanne:
Pepa Mack:

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Canon 6D MK II:
Canon 24-70mm f/4.0 Lens:

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