🌷 How To Get RARE HYBRID FLOWERS In Animal Crossing New Horizons! BEST Hybrid Guide!: In this Animal Crossing New Horizons Hybrid Flower Guide, Abdallah shows the best way to grow rare hybrid flowers within the game, without hacks or time travelling, on Nintendo Switch with Abdallah’s Family-Friendly Commentary in HD 1080p 60 fps!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsFv5rrKGYQ&list=PLkR3RWLcKJUSYNN8neGIJprFAywmp4AkG&index=1 👈 Watch the ACNH Tips and Tricks Playlist!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yI0K6ENmCDY&list=PLkR3RWLcKJUShRLNA05X2uc-V7cAypE_H&index=1 👈 Watch the ACNH Playlist!
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Welcome to my Animal Crossing New Horizons Gameplay Walkthrough! In this series, I’ll be starting my game from the beginning and showcasing all the new aspects of the game. If you enjoy Animal Crossing and want to see more, be sure to LIKE (👍), Subscribe, and turn on the notifications (🔔) for more!

About Animal Crossing New Horizons:

Escape to Your Personal Island Paradise
Escape to a deserted island and create your own paradise as you explore, create, and customize in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game. Your island getaway has a wealth of natural resources that can be used to craft everything from tools to creature comforts. You can hunt down insects at the crack of dawn, decorate your paradise throughout the day, or enjoy sunset on the beach while fishing in the ocean. The time of day and season match real life, so each day on your island is a chance to check in and find new surprises all year round.

Show off your island utopia to family and friends—or pack your bags and visit theirs. Whether playing online or with others beside you, island living is even better when you can share it. Even without hopping on a flight, you’ll meet a cast of charming animal residents bursting with personality. Friendly faces like Tom Nook and Isabelle will lend their services and happily help you grow your budding community. Escape to your island getaway—however, whenever, and wherever you want.

• Build your community from scratch on a deserted island brimming with possibility
• Create your personal getaway and customize your character, home, decorations, and even the landscape itself
• Collect materials to construct everything from furniture to tools! Then, use what you create to give your island a personal touch
• Watch as the time of day and seasons match real life—even your hemisphere! Each day holds potential for surprises and discoveries
• Get to know the island residents, garden, fish, decorate, hunt for fossils, and more!
• Show off your paradise – play on the same system with a total of 4 people, or play together online or over local wireless for fun with up to 8 players

Release date: Mar 20, 2020
Players: up to 8 players
Genre: Simulation
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Game file size: 6.2 GB
Supported Languages: Japanese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Dutch, Russian, Chinese

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🌷 How To Get RARE HYBRID FLOWERS In Animal Crossing New Horizons!  BEST Hybrid Guide!

Author by: AbdallahSmash026



  1. I really want a switch 🙁
    I’ve been begging ever since I got the 3DS and my parents might get it for my birthday but I don’t know!!

  2. I was curious the whole video to see if the watering can breaks and it ironically does right at the end.

  3. So they deleted his video on making money with the royal crown. Does anyone have a royal crown they can give to me? I'd like to amass a small fortune before it gets patched lol

  4. I accidentally got blue flowers. I think they came from orange and white…? I’m not too sure about this because I also had reds near them

  5. Your island's native flower is random. I started with tulips, and my shop tends to sell those, plus pansies and windflowers, so maybe the shop contents are a feature of the island, too.

  6. Does anyone know what days the cherry blossoms bloom? I still haven’t figured it out, and I don’t want to time travel myself. I think it might be the same as new leaf but idk 😐

  7. ahh! are there only roses,poppies, tulips and these new windflowers? what about the flowers that appeared in new leaf? are they not there?

  8. HEY, Would love to have some bells 🙂 Please send me some, if not lets just chill its fine…

    CODE: C67MC 💋


  9. I have a green mum flower, I believe it's from purple x purple, but it could be purple x pink so I'm testing that out now.

  10. All Flower Types w/ Colors:
    Returning Flowers
    Roses: Red, White, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Purple, Black, Blue, Gold
    Tulips: Red, White, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Black, Purple
    Pansies: Red, White, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Purple
    Cosmos: Red, White, Yellow, Pink, Black, Orange
    Lillies: Red, White, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Black
    New Flowers
    Windflowers: Red, White, Orange, Pink, Blue, Purple
    Hyacinth: Red, White, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pink, Blue
    Mums: Red, White, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Green
    Missing Flowers
    Carnations – I think it's likely they'll be patched in around mother's/father's day, as a few people have time travelled to around there and have gotten nothing in the mail.
    Violets –
    Jacob's Ladder –
    -Every flower has 3 base colors used to make hybrids, only the base color seeds can be sold in the shop.
    -The windflower is the only flower to have orange instead of yellow as a base color.
    -You can get an island full of hybrid flowers using nook miles tickets.

  11. This was very helpful thanks. I just clumped a bunch of flowers together and only saw one new flower spawn but it wasn't even a new colour. I don't want to use the time skip trick, so I've been occupying myself with catching every rare fish and bug. The only thing I need still from March is the Peacock Butterfly which only spawns on purple, black or blue flowers.

  12. How did you already get enough money to pay for a royal crown? Please tell me, I'm dying to know!! 🙏

  13. Do flowers no longer wilt in this game? I have not seen this happen yet in my game. If not, how would you get golden roses?

  14. someone knows how to get gold roses ? because in new horizons flowers don´t wilt. So i can´t do it like in new leaf


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