✔ How to Make a House in Minecraft: A beautifully detailed cabin with a huge chimney, perfect for a snowy landscape! Enjoy the tutorial. 😀

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Music by C418.

✔ How to Make a House in Minecraft

Author by: Magma



  1. I built it and its awsome. Only problem is that with the bedroom you can't place like a chest and bed on the trap doors so I substitute It for slabs but still didn't work. Other then then that its stunning.

  2. Hey Magma you can use scaffolding for building high up! its much easyer to use and you can testroy it in some seconds!

  3. 1 Став лайк
    2 Подпишись
    3 Напиши готов
    І тебе +1подпищик

  4. hello mr.4,25 kk subscribers :)) this house is very cool and beautiful =) can make more tutorials for miedeval house , pls =))

  5. Он очень сложный, боюсь я его не смогу построить 😭

  6. Eminem:mester of rapping.
    Magma:mester of building.
    Mumbo jumbo:mester of redstone.
    Me:mester of…nothing:<.


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